City Jobs & Board/Committee Opportunitues


Moose Lake Residents

Have you ever wondered how City Government is structured, and how Boards and Commissions function within that structure?  Have you ever thought about getting involved to ensure that the Moose Lake Community retains its charm and character and that the services provided are maintained at appropriate levels?

If you have, now is the time to act because there are vacancies and the City Council asks that you consider offering your time and talent to the community.  Vacancies currently exist on the following Boards or Commissions:

Moose Lake Public Utility Commission [1 vacancy]
Moose Lake Area Park Board [1 vacancy]
Moose Lake Cemetery Board [1 vacancy]

If you are a City Resident and you are willing and able to serve, please submit a letter of interest to Tim Peterson, City Administrator, at the Moose Lake City Hall at P.O. Box 870, Moose Lake, Minnesota or by email at